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          1. Recycled Plastic pellet Manufacturers and suppliers

            ABOUT INTCO

            INTCO is a high-tech manufacturer of recycled products. Utilizing recycled resources, it has created a full supply chain with recirculated plastics. Stock Symbol 688087.

            Driven by proactive innovation, INTCO will continue its advancement of plastic recycling technologies to become a global leader in resource recycling, and contribute to sustainable development in the new global carbon economy!

            Intco Plastic is the recycled plastic resin manufacturer in malaysia
            Business Units
            R&D Bases


            As global suppliers of recycled plastic materials, we provide a wide range of different
            grades and quantities available to our customer base, and support your supply chain with
            quality products tailored to your manufacturing needs.
            grs certified recycled polystyrene granules manufacturers
            r-PS Pellets
            food grade recycled PET resin pellets
            r-PET Pellets
            food grade recycled pet plastic sheet roll for thermoforming
            r-PET Sheet
            custom recycled PET plastic thermoformed packaging suppliers
            r-PET Thermoforming Products


            Global Leader in Plastic Recycling


            xps extruded polystyrene insulation boards
            XPS & EPS Boards
            electronic injection molding solutions
            Home Appliances
            food & beverage sustainable packaging solutions
            Food & Beverage
            making textiles and clothing from recycled plastics
            Textiles & Clothing
            INTCO has the annual capacity to recycle 100,000 tons of EPS foam, and 50,000 tons of PET bottles to food-grade PET plastics, saving 450,000 tons of crude oil, sparing 2 million trees and reducing 300,000 tons of carbon emissions per year.

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