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          1. Food Grade Recycled PET Pellets

            INTCO Malaysia Food Grade Recycled PET Pellets, all from 100% post -consumer recycled(PCR) food and beverage bottles, widely used in soft drinks, water bottles, daily chemical bottles, food packaging industry etc. Through the use of the world's top sorting, washing, granulation equipment, high purity particles, aa content is less than 1ppm. With high viscosity & purity, stable iv & color value, r-pet pellets could meet the european efsa and fda certification.
            recycled pet plastic pellets for bottles
            100% PCR Materials;
            EFSA & FDA Approved;
            Water Grade & CSD Grade;
            High Viscosity & Purity;
            Optimum Processing Characteristics;
            Food Packaging & Beverage Applications.
            Minimal VOC Content, AA Level<1 ppm;
            Stable IV & Color Value;

            WHY INTCO

            U.S. Food and Drug Administration
            The European Food Safety Authority
            Halal certification Indonesia
            OceanCycle? Certification
            sustainable rPET pellets from recycled plastic bottles
            How Does PET Plastic Recycling Work?


            application of blow molding water bottles
            Drinking Water Bottles
            soft drink bottles application
            Soft Drink Bottles
            daily chemical bottles application
            Daily Chemical Bottles
            recycled PET (rPET) pellets for thermoforming application
            Food Packaging Boxes
            food grade RPET pellets & granules
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