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          1. Food Grade Recycled PET Sheet

            INTCO Malaysia Food Grade Recycled PET Sheet offers excellent light transmittance and mechanical strength, high resistance to oxygen and water vapor, customized cutting and special functional additives, high-end customization. ABA three-layer co-extrusion structure, in line with EFSA and FDA food safety certification, widely used in food and beverage packaging industry.
            recycled PET sheet roll for thermoforming
            Food grade, FDA & EFSA certified
            ABA Multi-layer / Single Layer
            rPET content percentage: 30% -100%
            Excellent flavor barrier properties
            Optimum Processing Characteristics;
            Easy thermoforming characteristics
            Excellent impact resistance
            High transparency and gloss

            WHY INTCO

            U.S. Food and Drug Administration
            The European Food Safety Authority
            ABA Multi-layer
            Halal certification Indonesia
            How does PET plastic recycling work?
            How Does PET Plastic Recycling Work?


            custom thermoformed containers for food packaging
            thermoforming for trays
            thermoformed cups
            thermoformed lids
            food grade rpet sheet for thermoforming
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