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      1. PS Foam Recycling

        how to produce PS pellets with recycled polystyrene material

        Efficient Reduce

        Quality Recycle

        World-Class Granulation Systems
        Our world-class granulation systems are designed to produce pellets with up to 99% purity and performance comparable to virgin plastic.
        pelletizing system
        High-End Pellets Testing Labs
        Each site has its own inspection lab where strict quality control procedures are followed.
        plastic pellets testing laboratory
        Comparable to Virgin Plastic
        According to testing reports, our recycled particles reach around 90% of virgin plastic in quality and performance.
        high-quality recycled plastic pellets


        Decorative Mouldings
        interior mouldings for home decoration
        Frame Mouldings
        picture frame mouldings
        Photo Frames, Art Frames & Mirror Frames
        picture frames and mirror

        PET Bottle to Bottle Recycling

        recycled pet pellets manufacturers

        Core Advantages

        100% PCR
        Our raw materials are 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) and can be used to package soft drinks, water, food, and daily necessities. We have a proven global recycling team in place to ensure that all raw materials purchased are PCR.
        High Impurity Removal Rate
        We strictly control processing technologies to maximize the impurity removal rate. Automatic photoelectric sorters and color sorters are used to automatically sort items of different materials and colors, with an impurity level of less than 30ppm.
        Food-grade Production Lines
        With USFDA-compliant food-grade production lines, we produce food-grade and fiber-grade recycled PET materials used for food-grade packaging boxes, beverage bottles, and high-end textiles.

        Cutting-Edge Equipment

        Sorters Imported from Europe
        Stable and quality output + mature process and equipment design Short downtime, high processing capacity, and low energy consumption.
        European imported sorting equipment
        Granulation Lines from Europe
        With food-grade certification by USFDA, we produce AA-grade pellets with consistent and stable IV and color, and minimum VOC content.
        granulation production line
        Sheet Production Lines Imported from Europe
        The advanced ABA three-layer co-extrusion technology makes green products in the true sense.
        sheet production line
        Thermoforming Machines Imported from Europe
        World-class Heat Press Lines.
        molding machine


        PET Packages
        recycled PET disposable packaging
        Shoes and Clothes
        spinning and weaving
        Beverage Bottles
        beverage bottle

        Honors & Qualifications

        Foam Recovery and Resource Utilization

        progress of the reusing and recycling technologies of the waste plastics
        INTCO Recycling has responded positively to the "garbage sorting" work in the city. It has placed PS foam plastic reduction machine at the sites of Fengxian District, Jingan District, Putuo District and Pudong New Area in Shanghai. In the future, it plans to comprehensively promote the PS foam plastic volume reduction machine at the municipal refuse transfer station to assist the government in doing well the work of "two nets convergence".

        Public Welfare

        Science Education Base
        Science Education Base
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