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Nov 9 15

Take Me Back : Austin’s Hotel San Jose

A row of cacti at Austin's Hotel San Jose

Hey, friends, it’s been a while. Life got a little bit crazy for a minute – with some big, life-rocking changes (more on those later) and … OUR WEDDING! It was the most amazing experience to have so many of our closest friends and family – from both sides of The Pond – gathered together in my hometown of Austin, Texas, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it soon!

But first,

giant succulents.

Today, I’m sharing a few snaps from after the big day, when Andrew and I checked ourselves into Austin’s beloved Hotel San Jose for a much-needed night of rest & relaxation.

Bedside details in Room 43 of Austin's Hotel San Jose

You can read all about the history and design behind the Hotel San Jose, in my interview with hotelier Liz Lambert here – or keep scrolling to see her Cowboy-Zen handiwork.

Desk details at the Hotel San Jose

Evening light shines on bed in Austin's Hotel San Jose

Bento Box Breakfast at the Hotel San Jose

Breakfast was delivered to our room in sweet little bento boxes – and promptly uploaded to Instagram. Naturally.

large planted cacti at Austin's Hotel San Jose

We took our morning papers out to the courtyard, where we lingered – and lingered – before taking a stroll around the grounds. Talk about an oasis of green! This place inspires deep, cleansing breaths – and a potted cactus addiction.

View of the Hotel San Jose courtyard

leather daybed at the Hotel San Jose

Pool and butterfly chairs at the Hotel San Jose

Plant-lined walkway at the Hotel San Jose

leather chair by Garza Marfa at the Hotel San Jose

Now, please – take me back! Or at least let me take home one of these Garza Marfa chairs as a souvenir. (Pretty please?)


Images by Natalie Marchbanks for Block Print Social.

Jun 17 15

Destination | Montrose Shop, Houston

Montrose Shop, Houston | brown leather sofa with sheepskin & flag | @natmarchbanks

I can hear you saying,  Houston?! Really?

Yes, Houston.


It’s been a few weeks since my trip to the States, and I’ve been meaning to share some of my favorite discoveries here on Block Print Social. I hit three destinations during my 2-week trip: New Orleans, my hometown of Austin, and Houston. I feel like those first two cities receive plenty of recognition and “cool points” (a thing) even here in London – but Houston? Not so much.

The thing is – there’s a lot of cool to be found in Houston, if only you know where to look.

I would start by looking here, at Montrose Shop.

Simplicity is the love language at Montrose Shop; less, but better the unofficial mantra.  Advertising itself as “Paris meets Texas,” the light-filled bungalow houses a clean edit of independent products for the closet and home, each chosen for its superlative quality and a certain je ne sais quoi. 

Basically, Montrose Shop is the retail version of that (mythical? factual?) French girl who runs a comb through her hair, splashes water on her face, blindly grabs at something from her envious capsule wardrobe and is out the door in 5 minutes flat – turning heads in the process.

Did I mention she’s waving a Lone Star flag?

Lest we forget where we are.

Montrose Shop, Houston | @natmarchbanks

succulents, cacti & Kinfolk on live edge wood side table  | @natmarchbanks

Montrose Shop, Houston |  @natmarchbanks

Bar cart & Crosley record player at Montrose Shop, Houston | @natmarchbanks

blush shorts & jacket at Montrose Shop, Houston |  @natmarchbanks

Montrose Shop, Houston | @natmarchbanks

Portraits de Villes city guides at Montrose Shop, Houston | @natmarchbanks

Visit Montrose Shop in Houston, or discover new brands here. Don’t forget to check back soon – the Montrose ONLINE shop is on the way!


All images are my own.

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