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The UK Designer Who Is Soothing Our Souls, One Interior at a Time.

Rose Uniacke's kitchen in London

Rose Uniacke believes that interiors matter. Like, really matter.

(I do too.)

The London designer’s interiors – like all considered interiors – provide us with an opportunity to transcend. Yes – that’s right – transcend. In case you missed my last post, I’m a guru now.

Put differently, I believe that the spaces we inhabit affect our psyches. I held this belief long before I visited Rose Uniacke’s website, though Rose manages to sum up the notion as elegantly as she designs – which is to say, far more elegantly than I would have managed:

Interiors matter: Interiors and the way we furnish and decorate them.  They change the way we live. They change the way we are.  They have the potential to change us, and our lives, dramatically for the better.

I would add: They allow us to transcend (there’s that word again) the lives we leave behind outside their walls.

simple, dramatic foyer design by Rose Uniacke

Rose Uniacke

It goes like this –

One moment:  we are stuck in traffic, or on a busy London Underground platform. We are frazzled, we are frustrated, we are in a hurry. There is never enough time!

Then imagine: we step inside one of Rose Uniacke’s interiors. We look around – like, really look around; we take in our new (STUNNING) surroundings. We breath deeply – because that’s what you do in a space like this.

Suddenly: we are calm; we’re at ease. Time expands to fill the space. So much space! We are luxuriating. It’s so pretty here! We deserve it. After all, we are thoughtful, elegant people, in a world of beautiful creations.

And that’s how it happens: we’ve transcended.

Rose Uniacke's London dining room

Living / Dining Room at Rose Uniacke's London home

Rose Uniacke

Rose Uniacke's London bedroom

Serene Bedroom by Rose Uniacke

Master bath in Rose Uniacke's London home

Bedroom design by Rose Uniacke

Workspace | design by Rose Uniacke

marble tub & fireplace | bathroom design by Rose Uniacke

Blush-colored Shower by Rose Uniacke

Rose Uniacke | Indoor Pool

Winter Garden by Rose Uniacke

Are you with me? In the spirit of Rose, I’ll say it again: Interiors matter.

(& she makes bloody good ones.)

Images: Rose Uniacke


2 Comments On The UK Designer Who Is Soothing Our Souls, One Interior at a Time.

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    mb / Jun 15 16 at 12:35 pm

    A true fan of Rose. What a serene aesthetic. Heading to the English countryside tomorrow to love on family.

    • Natalie / Jun 15 16 at 8:11 pm

      Thank you for reading & joining the conversation, MB! Serene – what a perfect word to describe Rose’s design. I’m glad to find a fellow fan of her work – though I can’t say I’m surprised to find one in you. I wish I could live inside your beautiful Pinterest boards – always so inspiring! Have a wonderful visit to England – I’m the best kind of envious. xx

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