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Stylist Stalking : Megan Morton

Megan Morton captures her son at home

If you know me at all then you know this:

I stalk.

No need to worry, friends. I won’t show up on anybody’s doorstep, and you’ll never find me hiding out in the bushes with a set of binoculars. I confine this favorite pastime of mine to the internet and social media exclusively. Afterall, that is why they were invented, right?


My latest victim (woah)

obsession (nope)

… 100 % healthy, totally well-adjusted interest (there’s nothing to see here, folks) is Australian stylist, author & founder of The School, Megan Morton (there, that’s better.) I’m currently loving her Instagram account, which features a lovely mix of shiny photos of her styled interiors and snapshots from her own home and envy-inducing travels around the world.

The ultimate mix-master, her home (pictured above and below) exemplifies the art of creating harmony between disparate objects. A Cherner armchair looks divine next to an antique tea table. A modern Trapeze sconce by Apparatus Studio hovers above an old urn, a piece of coral, a tin bowl… They’re all friends. Because Megan made it so.

Stylist Megan Morton's kitchen / Cherner armchair

Megan Morton at home / sconce by Apparatus Studio

Her styling work for magazines – and her own book, Things I Love – is just as good.

Figtree House as styled by Megan Morton for Belle Magazine

From Megan Morton's book, Things I Love

From Megan Morton's book, Things I Love

(I want to go there.)

I’m convinced that any object – anything at all – would look good through the eye of Megan Morton.

Case & Point:

Megan Morton's Instagram


Beautiful Mundane / Megan Morton on Instagram

A cluttered desk!

Megan Morton's Instagram

Feathers! Okay, to be fair – these were pretty to begin with.

In August, I’ll be joining Megan and The School in Paris for Paris Design Week, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. I’ll be sharing more as the time approaches, but for now, I’ll just say that I hope it looks a little something like this:

Megan Morton's Instagram



Images:  Megan Morton’s Instagram


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