Jun 1 16

Stylist Stalking : Megan Morton

Megan Morton captures her son at home

If you know me at all then you know this:

I stalk.

No need to worry, friends. I won’t show up on anybody’s doorstep, and you’ll never find me hiding out in the bushes with a set of binoculars. I confine this favorite pastime of mine to the internet and social media exclusively. Afterall, that is why they were invented, right?


My latest victim (woah)

obsession (nope)

… 100 % healthy, totally well-adjusted interest (there’s nothing to see here, folks) is Australian stylist, author & founder of The School, Megan Morton (there, that’s better.) I’m currently loving her Instagram account, which features a lovely mix of shiny photos of her styled interiors and snapshots from her own home and envy-inducing travels around the world.

The ultimate mix-master, her home (pictured above and below) exemplifies the art of creating harmony between disparate objects. A Cherner armchair looks divine next to an antique tea table. A modern Trapeze sconce by Apparatus Studio hovers above an old urn, a piece of coral, a tin bowl… They’re all friends. Because Megan made it so.

Stylist Megan Morton's kitchen / Cherner armchair

Megan Morton at home / sconce by Apparatus Studio

Her styling work for magazines – and her own book, Things I Love – is just as good.

Figtree House as styled by Megan Morton for Belle Magazine

From Megan Morton's book, Things I Love

From Megan Morton's book, Things I Love

(I want to go there.)

I’m convinced that any object – anything at all – would look good through the eye of Megan Morton.

Case & Point:

Megan Morton's Instagram


Beautiful Mundane / Megan Morton on Instagram

A cluttered desk!

Megan Morton's Instagram

Feathers! Okay, to be fair – these were pretty to begin with.

In August, I’ll be joining Megan and The School in Paris for Paris Design Week, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. I’ll be sharing more as the time approaches, but for now, I’ll just say that I hope it looks a little something like this:

Megan Morton's Instagram



Images:  Megan Morton’s Instagram

May 25 16

Ode to the Desert

Desert Souvenirs: Lucky horseshoes from Cast + Crew Marfa, postcards from El Cosmico, & "Ode to the Desert: A Field Guide to the Chihuahua Desert"

Moving into a new apartment – for me, it’s a months-long process. Little by little – I unpack, I rearrange, I rediscover.

This weekend I uncovered a small brown paper bag, filled with souvenirs from November’s road trip through the West Texas desert. I’m delighted to see my Cast + Crew lucky horseshoes again. I plan to hang them soon – along with the art that currently lines our floors, awaiting a hammer, a nail & a proper home on our walls.

I picked up the postcards and Ode to the Desert: a field guide to the Chihuahua Desert at El Cosmico Provision Company, in Marfa. For a city girl, I really do love the desert.

The “field guide” is a collaboration between Mexico City-via-Austin-based artist Tamara Becerra Valdez (a.k.a. Folklorica) and Joshua Gamma, created to serve as a guide, map, story, collection of Texas folk songs, cultural artifact, gift, and piece of art, all in one.

I love how the guide unfolds like a map – each portion offering up a new discovery. My favorite is “Ode to the Desert”, a folk song that currently has me entranced. For a little something different today, I thought I’d share –

One moment after each other,

One mile past another

The sense of Freedom seems to come easy.


A wild shout happens again and again.

All the while,

Fear finds itself lost,

Nowhere near.


Balanced and ready,

The flowers know more

Of harmony,

Of tension,

No guide can give you.


Rub your worries deep in the rock.

Forgive yourself next morning.


With the right degree,

it rains on the mountain

Our dry, dirty bones

Washed bare again.


Wilderness is no luxury.

And there is no better time

To Wake up

And have your prayers heard.


The passing slopes, elusive valleys:

Range after range,


More Medicine.


I found Love and Freedom at once.


That last line keeps running through my head – and I ain’t mad at it. These are the feelings I want to feel this week – fear finding itself lost; Love and Freedom found.

Rub your worries deep in the rock, friends! Until next time – xx


Images: Natalie Marchbanks Dolling via Instagram |  El Cosmico Provision Company

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